About Ruthy

Ruthy (aka Christine Althea) Richards-Levi-Babalola born in Hillingdon, Uxbridge in December
1964 to Mrs. Lynette Richards-Lorde. SRN, SRM who became first lady of colour to become a
Director and Unit General Manager at St Georges University Hospital, Wandsworth, London.
After her parents divorce Ruthy then aged 2 went to live with her Grand Parents in Georgetown
Guyana in the family home 47 Palm Street, Werk-en-Rust. The photo on the cover of the same
named book is taken at this time.
Christine was educated in Shirley Croydon and after passing the 11+ exam attended successfully
Coloma Convent Grammar School where she attained 8 “O” levels and 3 “A” levels. She worked and
studied buying her first property at age 19 which she rented out and gained her degree in Business
and Public Admin also. Later she would work with British Airways at LGW airport as cabin crew
eventually marrying and having a son Jonathan while living in Holland. Here she had developed a
project development company with her husband. She is fluent in Dutch.
In 2008 she made Alijah and went to live in Jaffa Tel-Aviv and became the first lady of colour to be
an Honorary Consul for the Republic of Suriname. In this role she engaged in Educational,
Business and Cultural relations between the two countries. She still works with and for Suriname
now as an Ambassador in the CARICOM region.
Ruthy writes from the heart whether it is a vegetable in the form of a little pepper coming to life or
about family everything is researched in great detail and all the characters are brought to life and
become relatable.
Love enfolds the pages with real emotion, amusement and truthful real-life human experiences
described therein.
She loves family life, travelling, charity work, fashion and sports.
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Ruthy sends you love and wishes you and yours Every Blessing.
May God Bless you and keep you always.
Ruthy Richards-Levi-Babalola
Christine Althea xxx